eyeAdvise - Tablet Dispensing App

The eyeAdvise app provides a more efficient way of dispensing optical frames and sunglasses.

The stylist functionality of eyeAdvise provides an overview of the most common shapes available superimposed on the client's picture taken with your tablet. The colors can also be changed. After selection of the preferred shape, the dispenser can provide the client with available in-store frames with similar shapes. These steps reduce the selection process and at the same time provides the client with a more confident choice.

In the other functionality of digital mirrors, one can provide an overview of 6 pictures taken of the client with the appropriate in-store frames that match the previous selected shape in order to close the sale.

Video recordings of the client wearing their prefered frames are also possible. This allows for easy comparison of prefered frames or sunglasses from different angles.

Client management allows to store client details such as contact email and phone number together with all the video recordings and digital mirror captures on your tablet.

frontview no frame
frontview vmo3D sideview vmo3D

Client Management

eyeAdvise app keeps all your prospect and client details in one organised place on your tablet.

Stylist Assistant

Show your clients the different frame shapes and colors available with the fast and easy to use stylist functionality.

Digital Mirrors

Take pictures of your client with the appropriate in-store frames that match the previous selected shape of the stylist assistant in order to close the sale. Show up-to six pictures simultaneously.

Video Recordings

Take up-to two video recordings of each client wearing frames from different angles.

Portrait and Landscape

eyeAdvise app works in portrait and landscape mode.

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