Style Assistant - Webapp

Do you want to know your face shape and which frames suit you best?

Style Assistant webapp scans and measures your face!

The visual effect of certain sunglasses and optical frames will change based on the proportions of your face. Rather than the "trace your face in the mirror" trick there is an easier and better way to find out your face shape and which frames suit your face best: Style Assistant webapp.

face shape

In order to know your face shape, the Style Assistant webapp examines an outline of your face and takes precise measurements of your face such as cheek width, jaw line, forehead, and face length to determine its proportions. These measurements are then compared with the basic face shape categories: heart, square, oval, and round.

Next, the webapp recommends the frames that are most suitable for your face type. The resulting frames can be linked to the supplier's eyewear database and to the virtual try-on solution VMO.

Extremely flexible with custom branding

Views, text, images, fonts, multi-languages, and compositions can be independently specified so that it really feels part of your website. You can also add your own company branding.

Smartphone and tablet compatible

Now you can provide style assistant functionalities on all platforms: smartphones, tablets, and computers. Automatic fallback to old Flash technologies for older systems.

Analytics ready

Existing analytics packages such as Google Analytics can be used to track events.

High reliable hosting

We use a fast, global content delivery network (CDN) that stores content closer to your actual visitor so that the Style Assistant webapp loads faster.

Link to your eyewear database

Conveniently link the style assistant recommendations to your eyewear database suitable for your client's face shape.

Link to Virtual Try-on

Easily link the results to virtual try-ons (VMO) of your recommended eyewear.